Let’s Move Forward

Here are a few tips to help guide the business community facing these new challenges: Let Mountain Media help!

  • Make it clear you’re open: Guests and visitors who have seen shuttered doors for months may not realize you have reopened. Creative, colorful signs can convey a clear message you are back in business and ready with open doors.
  • Be consistent with the guidelines: Utilize COVID-19 signage templates to keep any provided information consistent across  various office parks, stores, or event spaces. This includes floor decals or a-frame signs that help with directional flow in businesses.
  • Begin advertising again: As foot traffic starts to increase, companies can take advantage of banners, flyers, and posters to spread the word they’re open, and take the proper steps to ensure safety. Personalization is key, and having an innovative partner up front to determine the most effective multi-point communication strategy that makes speed to market, quality, and cost control top priorities is critical.
  • Reconnect with your customers: Big or small, every business was hit hard from the pandemic and without loyal customer support, many would not have survived. As businesses reopen, we can help you reconnect with customers and thank them for their ongoing support in innovative ways.

The pandemic forced us to change our protocols, safety measures, and how our businesses operate overall. Now, it’s up to us to ensure we are well-equipped to meet the new requirements and get ready to reopen.