Print Preparation Checklist

Help us make your printing experience with Mountain Media a success by going through this easy print preparation checklist before submitting your job.
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Download Our Printing Tips Brochure Below:

Before Submitting Your Artwork:

  • Clearly indicate the filename of the document to print
  • Include a hard-copy sample and/or PDF of the file to print
  • Create the document at the trim size of the final printed piece, including bleeds if applicable (more info below)
  • Keep in mind any bindery that will be involved, for example: leave space for punched holes or staples, keep small text out of fold lines, include the correct number of pages for saddle-stitching, etc.
    More info on booklets here
  • Embed all source images in your document
  • Raster images should be at least 300 DPI/PPI
  • Flatten source images and save them as full-resolution CMYK files
  • Include all fonts (screen and printer) used in your document. Don’t forget to check for embedded fonts in images!
  • Do not use the style palette to make a font bold or italicized. Use the actual typeface instead, such as Arial Bold or Times New Roman Italic
  • Remove any unused colors from your document’s color palette before saving
  • Ensure all colors and color modes are CMYK or Pantone spot colors (please do not use RGB or Registration)
  • Remember to extend images and graphics that bleed to the edge of the document at least .125″ past each edge. Also, keep any critical data at least .125″ inside the edge of the page.
    More info on margins and bleeds here
  • Remove any templates, fold or cut lines from the print image area
  • Trim marks, registration marks and color bars are acceptable, but not required
  • Convert all Word files to PDF when possible (for best results, Print to Adobe PDF using Press Quality)

Most Compatible Software for Pre-Print Preparation:

  • Adobe InDesign
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Quark XPress

PDFs are typically used for digital printing; however, they must be created and saved in the correct way. Native files may be required if changes need to be made before printing. Contact a Mountain Media expert if you are unsure if your PDF is ready to print.