COVID and Digital Printing

Article from WhatTheyTh!nk– December 17, 2020

The Digital Print Opportunity

When the pandemic hit the world by storm earlier this year, few could have anticipated the changes—some of them permanent—that would occur as a result. The early months of the pandemic were challenging for everyone, and the printing industry was no exception. Even so, these challenges brought with them a great many opportunities. Businesses of all shapes and sizes had a sudden, urgent need for face masks, social distancing graphics, and other printed items to keep customers and employees safe and healthy. Even with a vaccine being distributed, these pandemic-related printed products will likely remain essential for quite some time. Fortunately, digital printing technology feeds right into applications like these. The pandemic has actually accelerated the transition to digital because so many of today’s in-demand applications can benefit from shorter runs, quick turnaround times, and personalization.

Figure 1. Printed Applications Purchased in Response to COVID-19

When these same businesses were asked if they expected to make repeat purchases of these products in the next 3 to 6 months, well over half reported that repeat purchases were likely or very likely for all applications. This indicates a steady, ongoing need for these pandemic-related applications.

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