22 Direct Mail Mistakes

Blog / By mountainmediaadmin / February 19, 2024 1. You Forgot a Call to Action Once you’ve succeeded in getting a customer or prospect reading your direct mail piece, you need to point them in the direction of their next step. Put these calls to action in logical places within your promotion. For example, at […]

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Direct Mail Works!

Standing Out with Visually Appealing Direct Mail Direct mail marketing remains effective due to its ability to stand apart from a vast array of online marketing messages. Its tangible format provides an excellent opportunity for businesses to make a long-lasting impression on their desired audience. This article explores how visually appealing direct mail designs can

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Self Mailer Help

Mailing/Fulfillment August 2, 2023 Seven Strategies to Navigate USPS Regulations for Effective Self-Mailers Credit: Pexels By Summer Gould As you know from our post on postcards, there are many times that a design element causes a mailing to go at a higher rate of postage. This can be frustrating as well as expensive. In order

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Paper Maintains Its Appeal Among General Office Workers

  Commentary & Analysis Paper Maintains Its Appeal Among General Office Workers Even in the digital age, paper remains essential for many office workers. This article cites recent research from Keypoint Intelligence to illuminate how today’s office workers are interacting with paper. It also explores paper’s particular appeal among younger office employees. By Keypoint Intelligence

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