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Learn more about our most popular print products, and see what we have to offer. If you’re looking for information on something you don’t see here, feel free to ask us! And when you’re ready to order, request a quote online!


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Booklets are one of the most popular products we print, as they can serve many purposes and take any shape or size. Useful as program guides, manuals, directories, event schedules, informational handouts, sponsor listings, and anything else you can think of, booklets are an attractive and cost-effective way to organize large amounts of information. Most of our booklets are saddle-stitched: an old school term for folding each page in half and stapling them together in the spine. Pick up the magazine or owner’s manual nearest to you; if it has two staples in the spine, that’s a saddle-stitched booklet!

Saddle-Stitching and the Rule of Four

Saddle-stitched booklets must have a final page count that is a multiple of four, due to how they are printed and assembled. Since the booklet’s pages are folded in half before assembly, each single sheet of paper actually holds four pages worth of content. For example, an 8.5×11″ booklet with eight pages is printed on two 12×18″ sheets of paper, which are then collated, folded, trimmed and stapled to create the final booklet.

That being said, it’s not the end of the world if you are a few pages short—if you find yourself with a final number of pages not divisible by 4, here are some solutions:

  • Add a “notes” section at the end of your booklet, with blank or lined pages.
  • Incorporate some pages with photos or graphics.
  • Leave the extra pages blank—you’ve probably seen “this page intentionally left blank,” and now you know why!
  • Your extra pages don’t have to be at the beginning or end of the booklet; try expanding on the existing pages.

If you’re using a professional graphic designer, they should already be aware of these requirements.  If not, we can help you out!  Contact our prepress department for solutions we can execute on our end.

Business Cards

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Business cards are one of the best methods to get your name into someone’s head. To ensure that you leave a remarkable first impression, we can provide you a wide selection of paper types and printing options for a truly unique and outstanding business card. From heavy paper stock to expanded ink & finishing options, our customization and quality simply cannot be found at online printers. Our experienced in-house bindery department ensures your cards are cut and finished perfectly. Don’t be caught with a flimsy, cheap-feeling business card!

Outstanding First Impressions

Business cards are the staple of all printed materials and can be the first (and sometimes only) tangible link to your company that a potential customer, donor, or contact holds in their hands.

The way information is presented can vary based on the company’s branding or design aesthetic. For instance, a creative design company may choose to include limited information in favor of colorful graphics, while a law office may prefer an organized text-only card.  A company that takes a very minimalistic approach in its design and branding may prefer very limited information and graphics. Either way, business card designs are usually standardized throughout an organization, with identical elements among all of its employees’ cards.

The standard business card size is 3.5″ wide and 2″ tall. Some choose to adjust these dimensions slightly to help their cards stand out in a stack of business cards (which can be common after a trade show or conference). However, keep in mind that business card holders typically expect 3.5x 2″ sized cards, and deviating larger than this may result in your card being tossed out!

To further differentiate your company’s cards, consider die cutting, spot varnish, or even metallic foiling on your cards. Mountain Media offers all of these finishes and more, to ensure that your cards stand out in the crowd.

Flyers & Posters

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When you want to convey information with the convenience of a single sheet, nothing catches the eye like a custom flyer or poster. With limitless colors and finishes, as well as options for folding, trimming, and inserting, it’s no surprise that flyers are some of the most popular print products we offer.

Your posters and flyers can be printed on a wide variety of paper stocks in different finishes, allowing your flyers to perfectly match your intended purpose. We can print any size you need in any color you need!  If you’re looking for something not listed on this page, please contact us for a custom printing quote.


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Keep your information organized and presentable with an attractive manual! Whether you need to convey a large amount of specific information or just some simple instructions, we can produce all types of manuals; from covers to tabs to multiple binding options, we do it all in house!


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Reach your customers directly with the timeless and endlessly customizable postcard! Color and finishing options for postcards are limitless, and can be completely catered to your needs:

  • Address & Mail: We can mail to your existing mailing list, or we can supply a list for you. Ask us about Every Door Direct Mail options too!
  • Return Address: Make it simple for customers to respond to your card.
  • Blank Address/Handouts: Perfect for cards to be handed out instead of mailing, or adding your own addresses to mail as needed.
  • Variable Data Printing: Your cards can be made to look or read differently based on who is receiving them.  Add personalized specifics like your customer’s name or interests, or even change photos & graphics for each neighborhood!  Learn more about Variable Data below.

Wide Format Printing

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When your biggest ideas need a larger canvas, we’re here to help with wide format banners, signs, vinyl decals, vehicle graphics and more! Our radiant color gamut machine uses 8 ink colors (expanding on the standard 4 colors) to produce excellent-quality printing up to 60″ wide, and we offer a large range of materials and methods to help your brand stand out from any distance, including:

  • Banners
  • Indoor & Outdoor Signage
  • Large Posters
  • Foam Board & PVC Board Mounting
  • Window Graphics
  • Vehicle Graphics
  • Cut Vinyl Decals
  • Laminated Stickers
  • Wall & Floor Graphics

Variable Data Printing

Variable data is the ability to change text and graphics between every piece printed, allowing your marketing projects to directly target your audience. By customizing each piece your return rate could be upwards of 20%, versus the return rate of 1-2% (at best) for traditional direct mail projects. Ask your Account Executive for more details, and for examples of what variable data can offer.

How to Get Good Returns from Variable Data Printing

  • Try to incite a response (call to action) or have an offer associated with it: a discount, a free product, interest in a specific product, a contest, etc.
  • Make it relevant to the recipient—try to pique an interest.
  • Convenient to respond—via email, personal URL (PURL), or a pre-addressed & stamped return card.

If your piece only contains information with no call to action or specific response method, there is no way to know if any response was generated. It can be deceiving with variable printing; due to the naturally higher cost of producing the piece, the customer’s data base is typically filtered and scrubbed of names less likely to produce results.

Special Finishes

Elevate your media above the basics by adding a unique touch (literally)! Mountain Media offers many types of finishes and coatings to ensure your project is set apart from the rest.

Ultraviolet (UV) Coating

High gloss & extra protection

UV coating is applied over the top of each printed sheet, and bonded to the paper using ultraviolet light. This adds a stunning high-gloss effect, in addition to extra protection from scuffs and scratches—fantastic for mailed cards that will go through a number of post office sorting machines!

Spot Gloss

A touch of shine

With the ability to print clear ink alongside the traditional CMYK process, we can include “spots” of glossy finish on otherwise non-glossy areas. The creative possibilities are endless, as any shape or text can be printed clear.

Soft Touch Coating

Non-reflective, velvet texture

Similar to UV coating, Soft Touch adds a layer of non-reflective, ultra-matte finish to your printing piece. The texture is very unique, hence the name; give your business cards or handouts a special feel!


Protection and reusability

We offer laminate in several thicknesses and finishes, including Gloss and Matte. Heat-applied plastic coating protects your product from the elements, ensuring a long-lasting lifetime.

Metallic Inks

Rich looks without the rich price

Our digital color press offers the ability to print using metallic Gold or Silver inks alongside CMYK, without the need for foiling. Similar to Spot Gloss, any shape or text can be printed using metallic ink!

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